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O ur mission is to provide products that make tradesmen’s work easier and more productive while being safer and more environmentally friendly. So whether you’re a retailer looking for the best quality products to offer your customers, or a skilled end-user looking for the best performance available, Xcel is here to serve you.

We’re proud of our reputation for excellence. And we’re dedicated to continually developing, designing and improving our products. Our aim is to be the world’s best. So it’s important to us to provide the highest level of service, and a product range designed for performance excellence. Our high-quality range of Sealing and Bonding products have high tensile strength, are safe to use and solvent-free. They don’t contain volatile organic compounds. They’re odourless, making them ideal for use in confined spaces. And they’re environmentally friendly.

We also have a Solvent Degreaser & Cleaner is the perfect partner for all our sealants and adhesives. It’s a safe solvent and ensures a grease-free substrate and perfect adhesion. It’s ideal for finishing edges, joints and seams, and for removing residues. Our other products include a Universal Expanding Foam, perfect for the DIY enthusiast or the contractor. And our QAP, quality associated products, with high thrust trigger action. It’s a robust product perfect for the professional who applies sealant on a daily basis.

At Xcel we take our customers’ needs very seriously. And we’re committed to offering products that perform to the highest standards. That’s why our entire range is designed around one core principle: performance excellence.

Performance excellence for tradesmen and  professionals

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