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MS Polymer is a Modified Silyl Polymer, which offers many benefits over other traditional products such as being easy to use, non hazardous and bonding to more surfaces without the need for a primer.
Yes, Xcel UBS bonds, mounts and seals even under water
One of the unique characteristics of our product is that it is odourless
Yes, Xcel UBS, UCB, MGA, MBS and IGA can be used on natural stones such as marble and granite without staining or leaching into the stones.
UBS bonds mounts and seals, whereas IGA is an instant grab adhesive.
Isocyanates are a class of reactive chemicals that are used in polyurethane adhesives and sealants, which can cause sensitization reactions, subsequent exposure can result in asthma like conditions and sever skin allergies. Isocyanates bond to human skin very rapidly and are difficult to remove resulting in staining of the skin.
VOC stands for ‘Volatile Organic Compound’ and are a major cause of the outdoor air pollution. VOC’s are given off when products cure/dry, and are under pressure to be minimized in modern construction products. Xcel UBS, UCB and IGA are free from VOC’s
Xcel UBS, IGA and UCB are all-round durable, flexible adhesive and sealant based products using MS Polymer technology. They have excellent adhesion to non-porous surfaces . These product are odourless and free of isocyanates, therefore suitable for sealing joints around sanitary fixtures, weatherproofing joints around windows and doors, glazing systems, joints and assemblies in coach body work. For gluing panels, skirting boards, windows, thresholds and insulation materials. Will seal and bond glass, porcelain, coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels, polystyrene, UPVC, stainless steel and many other construction materials for internal or external applications.
Exposure tests comparing different silicone’s, polyurethane and MS-Polymer based adhesives and sealants repeatedly give the best results. MS-Polymer based products show no cracking, splitting or adhesion failure after many years of exposure to the most trying conditions.
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