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Caulking Guns

XCEL Caulking Guns are manufactured to highest standards with a smooth rod cartridge mechanical advantage drive. Full sized handle for comfort, efficient dispensing and the half-cradle carriage to securely hold standard sized cartridges.

Designed for all high viscosity materials in 290ml to 310ml cartridges.

  • Single Component Applicator

  • Capacity:290ml/400ml and 900ml

  • Thrust Ratio:12:1 / 18-1

  • Handle : Aluminum Alloy

  • Trigger : Metal

  • Carriage: Metal

  • Twin gripping plate

  • Riveted of reinforce carriage

  • 360° Rotary type handle

  • Adjustable screw to cut thrust gaps

Techical Information

Appearance: Metal, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Components
Colour: Varying
Handle: Aluminum Alloy
Trigger: Metal
Carriage: Metal
Handle Features: 360˚ Rotary handle
Unique Feature: Adjustable screw to cut thrust gaps
Thrust Ratio: 900ml Gun 18-1 – 30ml Gun 12-1
XCEL Caulking Guns are manufactured to highest standards with a smooth rod cartridge mechanical advantage drive…

CG3-12-1 (SSF-EA4-R02)

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