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Solvent Degreaser & Cleaner

XCEL SDC is a blend of organic solvents designed to quickly remove adhesive and oil and grease deposits from most surfaces. SDC works by dissolving MS Polymer based products (including dirt) so that they can be simply wiped away. Residues of the solvent will evaporate leaving nothing behind.

  • Preps surfaces for Xcel™ Products

  • Removes uncured MGA, MBS, UBS, UBC & IGA

  • Safe on most surfaces

  • Ideal for removing labels & sticky residue

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: Aerosol
Colour: Varying
Odour: Acetone, Ketone and & Hydrocarbon
Solubility: Partly miscible
Flash Point: < -40o C
Auto Ignition Temperature (o C): 410-580
Flammable Limit – Lower (%) 1.8%
Flammable Limit – Upper (%) 9.5%

Comments: Information given concerns the major ingredient. 23 Flammable gas. A flash point method is not available for aerosols but the major hazardous component, the Propellant has a flash point of <-40 Co with flammability limits of 9.5% vol. upper and 1.8% vol. lower. Auto ignition temperature is 410/580 Co

SDC is available in a 375ml Aerosol Can, it can be produced in different formats upon request. Minimum quantities will apply.

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