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Marine Bond & Seal

XCEL MBS is a 1-component, permanently elastic, fast curing adhesive/sealant, based on MS Polymer, for indoor and outdoor applications. XCEL MBS is engineered for a wide range of sealing and bonding applications. Completely weather resistant, neutral and odourless curing. MBS is extremely strong and flexible, rendering it suitable for bonding components in the aerospace, automotive and offshore industries.

  • Permanently flexible

  • Resists Vibrations

  • Adheres to wet and dry surfaces

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors

  • Paintable

  • ISEGA & HACCP Food Grade Certified

  • Odourless

  • High UV and Fungus resistance

  • Fast curing

  • Cures shrink free

  • High adhesive strength

Technical Information

Raw material basis: MS Polymer
Consistency: Non-slump paste
Specific gravity: approx. 1.72 g/ml
Skin forming time: 15 – 20 minutes (at 23ºC; 50% R.H.)
Curing rate: 2-3 mm/24 hr
Resistance to flow (ISO 7390): approx. 0 mm
Consumption: approx. 50 ml/ linear meter (nozzle diameter: 8mm)
Application temperature: Between 5ºC to 40 ºC
Properties of the cured product: (After one week at 23ºC and 50% R.H.)
Service temperature: -40ºC to +90ºC
Shore A hardness (ISO 868): 58
Modulus – elongation at 100% – (ISO 37): 2,45 Mpa.
Max. tensile (ISO 37): 4.03 MPa.
Elongation at break (ISO 37): > 250 %

These values may vary depending on environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and type of substrates. The time until complete curing may be extended at lower temperature, lower humidity or increasing film thickness.

MBS is available in white but can be manufactured in any other colour with a minimum qty of over 1272 tubes.

White  MBS – White

106 Boxes per skid

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